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Hi I'm Dave Tilson, I started Stony Oven Cleaners in 2008. We are based in Stony Stratford and provide oven cleaning in and around Milton Keynes area.

  • Local independent family business, not a franchise
  • I am an independent oven cleaner
  • Established in 2008
  • I was trained up by Patrick of Cherwell Oven Cleaners who trained me to a very high standard

Our cleaning method

I do not use caustic cleaners because they can cause burning and emit noxious fumes when heated. The cleaning method effectively removes oven debris without using caustic or corrosive agents, no fumes, no smell, safe for pets and children.

our method is tried and tested which includes scraping, scrubbing, rinsing and polishing. Mostly a lot of physical work to avoid the need for chemicals. I remove shelving and racks, removable panels to the specialist equipment in my van. Where possible oven doors are removed and cleaned. If possible the door is taken to bits to clean inside the glass.

Standard ovens take about 2 hours, ranges and Aga's 2-3 hours

What our customers say

I felt a bit guilty having someone to clean my oven, but now I've seen the results, I know I could never have got it that clean myself

Now I can see through the oven door to whats cooking inside! I hadn't realised how bad it was - until I saw it clean

Our Prices

Ovens up to 600mm

  • Single oven £50.00
  • Double oven £60.00

Ovens up to 1200mm

  • Single oven £60.00
  • 1 & half oven£65.00
  • Double oven £75.00


  • Twin oven £80.00
  • Four oven £100.00

Hobs & Oven hoods

  • Gas £20.00
  • Electric £15.00
  • Halogen £10.00
  • 5 ring hob £25.00
  • 6/8 ring £30.00
  • Hood £20.00
  • Extractor + new filter £15.00


  • Microwave £15.00
  • Combination Microwave £30.00
  • Grill pans/trays £5.00 each
  • Oven & Extractor bulbs £5.00 each


Contact us

Stony Oven Cleaners

  • 47 Milford Avenue
  • Stony Stratford
  • Milton Keynes
  • Buckinghamshire
  • MK11 1EY